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Webinars in 2014, and a Quick Peek Into 2015

I promise engineers who renew their subscription 4-6 new webinars a year. It’s time to see whether I kept that promise in 2014.

TL&DR summary: it was a great year, but I still missed a few things.

Apart from the Data Center Fabrics update webinar, I did a few other updates and refreshes:

  • Enterprise IPv6 webinar in September fixed a number of minor details that changed between 2011 and 2014 (I would love to see more changes, but apart from running out of address space nothing fundamental happened in the IPv6 space in the meantime).
  • VXLAN 2.0 webinar in October was a completely different story. It was a total rewrite of the existing materials with tons of new information on controller-based VXLAN, scalability issues and hardware gateways. As is usually the case, I created too much material, so we had to split the webinar in two sessions.

Finally, I managed to publish three books: Data Center Design Case Studies, SDN and OpenFlow, and Overlay Virtual Networks.

Oh, and don’t forget that you get all these goodies for just $199 a year.

And now for the not-so-good news:

  • I planned to do an OpenFlow deep dive webinar in December, and had to postpone it to early January. The last month (and two NSX/SDN workshops in December) resulted in a total burnout.
  • An active/active data center webinar was roadmapped for late 2014, but somehow it turned out 2014 had only 12 months. Revised plan: Q1 20142015.
  • I really wanted to do a VMware vSphere Networking update after the VMworld in August, but unfortunately vSphere GA slipped more than usual. Even though vSphere 6.0 was announced at VMworld, the documentation is still not online. Revised plan: 1H 2015.

The other things already planned for 2015:

  • At least two guest webinars on security and SDN;
  • SDN in real life webinar;
  • NFV webinar;
  • Traditional Data Center Fabrics update in May;
  • Total overhaul of Data Center 3.0 webinar.

Let’s see how 2015 turns out – expect another summary report in approximately 12 months.


  1. An active/active data center webinar was roadmapped for late 2014, but somehow it turned out 2014 had only 12 months. Revised plan: Q1 2014.

  2. Hi Ivan,

    Apart a few webinars that have been postponed early next year, I think we have to underline and congratulate you on the excellent job you're doing on your blog and your monthly available materials. It is really mandatory that somebody takes the time to depict every technology that we should work with in the next few days, months or years... and you're doing it so well!

    Warm congratulations!
  3. Great stuff! Looking forward to your insights on Cisco ACI (if that's still due in Spring?).
    1. Sure is. It will be one of the major topics of the DC Fabrics Update session.
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