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New Webinar: Scaling Overlay Virtual Networks

You can get an overlay virtual networking solution from almost every major hypervisor- and data center networking vendor. Do you ever wonder which one to choose for your large-scale environment? I’m positive you’d get all of them up and running in a one-rack environment, but what if you happen to be larger than that?

We’ll try to address scalability hiccups and roadblocks you might encounter on your growth path in Scaling Overlay Virtual Networks webinar (get your free ticket here).

The webinar will cover these topics:

  • Distributed data plane (including distributed L2- and L3-forwarding);
  • Scale-out control plane architectures;
  • High-availability and multiple availability zones;
  • Scaling with hardware VTEPs;
  • Large-scale security groups and microsegmentation;
  • Scaling NAT and service chaining.

The webinar is sponsored by Nuage Networks (but you know that never stopped me from expressing my opinions ;) and thus free of charge.

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