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New Webinar: PCI DSS for Engineers

Every now and then I get a complaint that someone cannot buy the webinar subscription because I’m using Google Wallet to process the credit card transactions. There’s a single reason I’m using Google Wallet: I’m trying to stay as far away as possible from the morass called PCI DSS.

Fortunately I know people that can bring fresh air to the foggy everglades of credit card handling. Michele Chubirka (better known as Mrs Y) does a fantastic job explaining the intricacies of PCI DSS to engineers (using Alice in Wonderland drawings to illustrate them) – the audience rated her PCI DSS presentation @ Interop Las Vegas among the top 10 presentations of the whole event. She was kind enough to agree to do an webinar on PCI DSS on July 2nd (register here), and promised to give you as many down-to-earth tips and tricks as possible.

If your company processes credit cards, or plans to do so, you simply have to attend this webinar – it will give you the survival skills you’ll need when dealing with self-assessments or PCI DSS auditors.


  1. As one of the complainers, I guess I'll have to put up or shut up and attend :-)
  2. Nicely played Mr. top of the pack! :)
  3. You could always switch to cryptocurrency based payments, e.g. Bitcoin :)
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