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VMware NSX Documentation and Resources

Dmitri Kalintsev published links to VMware NSX resources and VMware NSX for vSphere online documentation a while ago. It’s great to have product documentation and design guides (although you still can’t download NSX from the VMware download center), but the cynical half of my brain couldn’t help noticing all the promises made in the “Network Gateway Services” section of the resources page.

Last time it took some vendors years between making VXLAN promises and delivering GA code (and one of them still hasn’t delivered almost two years after unveiling the product). Let’s see how they fare this time.

Need more details?

You'll find them in NSX Architecture Deep Dive webinar; if you're interested in similar solutions from other vendors, check out the Overlay Virtual Networking webinar (which will get significantly improved next week).

I can also help you with technology selection or data center network design.


  1. Hi Ivan,

    I work for Brocade. You may find this of some interest.

    1. Hi Brook,

      So nice to hear from you after a too-long time. Thanks for sharing the link; in a word: WOW!!!

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