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New Solutions Added to the Overlay Virtual Networking webinar

Last September when I ran the original Overlay Virtual Networking webinar Juniper Contrail team and Nuage Networks weren’t ready to share the details of their solutions. In the meantime I got technical documentation from both of them and included them in the Following Packets across Virtual Networks update session (register here).

The update session describes in-depth details of the data plane implementations (that’s where the Following Packets part comes from) and covers the following technologies and solutions:

Layer-2 segments:

  • Cisco Nexus 1000V in multicast and unicast mode;
  • vCNS 5.5 (multicast VXLAN);
  • VMware NSX (unicast VXLAN and Open vSwitch).

Layer-2 and layer-3 gateways

  • Generic solution with VM-based appliances;
  • VMware NSX layer-2 and layer-3 gateways;
  • Cisco VXLAN gateway.

Layer-2 segments with distributed layer-3 forwarding

  • Distributed routing in VMware NSX for vSphere and multiple hypervisors;
  • Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP).

Layer-3-only solutions

  • Hyper-V Network Virtualization;
  • Juniper Contrail.
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