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IPv6 High Availability Strategies – Workshop and Webinar

IPv6 is almost a direct replacement for IPv4, so it should be a no-brainer to implement high-availability services on top of IPv6 once you get the basic IPv6 end-to-end connectivity… until you start digging into dirty details as I did while preparing for the IPv6 High Availability Strategies workshop I’m running in a week @ Troopers 14.

Here are just a few caveats you have to consider:

  • IPv6 address configuration mechanisms and their security implications;
  • First-hop high availability – router advertisements or VRRP?
  • First-hop load balancing (GLBP tricks no longer work);
  • Dual-stack access and dual-stack load balancer considerations (particularly SLB64 or SLB46);
  • Potential brokenness of dual stack client and server environments (not every application uses happy eyeballs);

Interested? Register for the IPv6 Security Summit if you plan to attend Troopers 2014 (the main conference is sold out, but you can still register for the IPv6 part of the conference). If you won’t be in Heidelberg, register for the webinar on March 26th.

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