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In late November I got a perfect excuse for visiting South Africa – I was invited to be a guest speaker at CCIE Club Africa meeting talking about the obvious topics: SDN, OpenFlow and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

In the end, I delivered three SDN presentations in two days, all of them for engineers focusing primarily on Cisco, and got pleasantly surprised by their keen interest in the basics of these new technologies.

The fantastic SDN-focused discussions I had in South Africa resulted in a new webinar: SDN 101: SDN, OpenFlow and NFV for Skeptics. NEC Corporation was kind enough to sponsor the webinar, making it freely available to anyone who’s willing to invest 30 seconds into filling in the registration form. Thank you, NEC!

The Skeptics part of the title comes from the usual questions I get after my SDN presentations: How is this different from what we’ve been doing in the past? Do we really need this? Are these concepts applicable to my network? Is SDN useful for networks smaller than Google or Facebook? You'll get answers to all these questions during the webinar.

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