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Scalable OpenFlow Solutions: Between PowerPoint and Production

The Shipping SDN, NFV, OpenFlow, Network Virtualization Products and Services page on SDN Central lists dozens of SDN products, from switches to controllers and applications. I’m positive all of them work great in PowerPoint, most of them work well in lab environments, but do they also work in large-scale production deployments?

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you probably know all about OpenFlow scalability challenges, for everyone else I included a section on OpenFlow scalability in free Real Life OpenFlow-based SDN Use Cases webinar (we have just a few places left - register here).


  1. Can OpenFlow do stateless ? I think you can specify, well basically statically configured routing by a controller, right ?

    Otherwise it might happen eventually if enough network vendors pour money into it, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me because of all the state.
    1. Those products that I'd place closer to "works in production" than "works in PowerPoint" are usually stateless, but that's not enough. You also need end-to-end paths (think virtual circuits), you can't update per-hop forwarding entries fast enough on topology changes.
    2. Virtual circuit reminds me of TCP and also sounds like tunnel to me, like MPLS or overlay.

      Maybe I'm blind, but where does OpenFlow in switch hardware fit in to this picture ? I don't think it does.

      I'm sorry, but things that scale like TCP have the smarts at either end and not in the middle.

      There is just routing in the middle.

      I think can see how you might want to have OpenFlow at the Hypervisor, in a virtual switch. Especially if
      your gonna have network functions virtualization.

      Seems to me like that really is all most people need.

      (sorry for a possible double comment, looked like it didn't go through first time ?)
  2. Will the recording for the webinar be available for free afterwards? (It doesn't really fit my class schedule)
    1. As always, registered attendees get the raw recording the next day, edited recording is made public within a few weeks.
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