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September: The Month of Overlay Networks

September definitely seems to be the month of overlay networks (at least from my perspective). The fun starts on September 4th with the Overlay Virtual Networking webinar which will describe overlay networking solutions from (in alphabetical order) Cisco, Microsoft, Midokura, OpenStack, VMware, and whichever startup sends me product documentation of a shipping product in the next two weeks.

Next on the list: Software Defined Data Center symposium and Networking Tech Field Day 6. We’ll definitely talk about overlay networks during both events.

A few days after Networking Tech Field Day: VMware NSX Architecture webinar. It’s sponsored by VMware and therefore free and the tickets are rapidly disappearing, so make sure you register ASAP.

In the same week: a joint NIL-Microsoft event where I’ll talk about Hyper-V Network Virtualization and PowerShell automation. You’d have to come to Slovenia to participate in that one.

There might be one other event at the very end of September. More about that one once it’s confirmed.

Finally, a message to both readers from Italy: I’ll be in Rome in October running Cloud Computing Networking seminar organized by Reiss Romoli. Hope to see you there!


  1. I'm sure it'd be very interesting for you:

    1. Awesome, thanks for sharing!

      BTW, the same is true for almost every product out there - once you're in the control plane or in the transport core, you own the network (see, for example, MPLS :D).
  2. IBM is shipping an overlay solution called SDN for Virtualized Environments. You can learn more about SDN @ IBM here:
  3. How do you see the dozend of SDN Software start-ups competing against Cisco or VMware. Do you think there is a market as I'm sure Cisco will provide new producst which will solve the same issue's?
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