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Watch Tore Anderson Describing IPv6-Only Data Centers

Could you run a data center exclusively on IPv6? What would you need to do to interact with the IPv4 side of the Internet? Tore Anderson from Redpill Linpro figured out that IPv4 addresses are better used to enable the service for the servers hosted in their datacenter instead of “wasting” them for network infrastructure and data center connectivity, and he’ll describe how he’s doing it (in production environment) in tomorrow’s free IPv6-Only Data Centers webinar.


  1. ah garbage! i wasn't able to hit this this morning. Can non-registered people view a recorded version anywhere?
    1. It will be available on my web site and on YouTube. Will write a blog post when that happens (won't be soon - my wonderful editor has plenty of my recordings in the input queue).
    2. I tried registering yesterday morning, but it said the event had already ended, even though it was only 9:00AM EDT.
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