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Build Data Center Interconnects with Enterasys Switches

Short story: Enterasys data center switches have an interesting combination of time-tested routing and bridging features that allow you to build robust data center fabrics and interconnects (including the scenarios where you migrate VMs between them if you really must do so).

I’ll describe these features and how you can use them in a free webinar sponsored by Enterasys (register here). Don’t worry, that won’t make me biased; I still think moving a running VM between data centers makes no sense.

And now for a longer story ;)

A while ago Markus Nispel from Enterasys contacted me. I was vaguely aware of Enterasys, but not of their circuitous history going all the way back to Cabletron Systems, which brought back some really nice memories – we were Cabletron’s partner in early 1990s and the first Cisco router I installed and configured (running Cisco software release 8.2) was actually a blade for a MMAC-8 hub. Oh, I also managed to create my first spanning tree loop at that time bridging across parallel FDDI and Ethernet links (MMAC-8 had no STP on FDDI – draw your own conclusions).

I think this is actually an MMAC-5, but you get the idea (source:

You know that I love to rant about networking vendors inventing new technologies to solve problems that could have been solved with smart application of existing ones (and I’m not the only one – see the Spaghetti Wall’s Point of View by Randy Bush). No wonder I got interested as Markus explained how Enterasys uses existing routing protocols and other L2 and L3 technologies in exactly the way I always wanted to see them used.

As always, it would be way too good to have it all – some features are available today, some will become available pretty soon, and you’ll get the whole feature set you need in autumn.

Interested? Register for the webinar on June 18th.


  1. Hi Ivan,

    I'm taking this initiative of yours with a big grain of salt. I have participated in a few of your webinars and I think they're awesome... (in fact I'm looking forward to the DC/IPv6 live webinar next week). I respect your points of view and I consider you to be very knowledgable and a sort of authority in the world of networking bloggers ;)

    My problem with this specific webinar is that I have a lot of reservations when it comes to Enterasys technology, and I'm not alone. I have 1 year of hands-on experience with Enterasys switches (the B5 and C5 line). I've tried to integrate them into an existing corporate network doing stuff that I've done in the past with Cisco, Brocade, Dell, IBM/Nortel and even H3C. You wouldn't believe how many horror stories I (and the other netadmins in the team) have accumulated over this period of time.

    I see no point in trashing a vendor out in the open just on the basis of personal experience, so I'll leave it at that. If you're interested in hearing more about these horror stories, let me know and I'll shoot you an email.

    I'd like to think their OneFabric line of products is more robust than the C5/B5 line... but if I was given the choice, I'd stay away from their products altogether.

    Anyway... rant is over. Just my $0.02!


    Disclaimer: I work for a VAR that mostly resells network gear from Cisco and Brocade with some Nortel/IBM stuff too. The Enterasys products are used by one of our customers and they didn't buy these switches from us... in fact they only buy professional services from our company as they get their gear elsewhere. I'm Cisco and Brocade certified and some people say I'm a Cisco fanboy, although I disagree with that (maybe I'm living in denial?).
    1. Thanks for the feedback. Would appreciate if you'd contact me (use the "Contact" link at the top of the page).

      Thank you!
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