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Load Balancing Webinar

My newest webinar (scheduled for end of April) focuses on scale-out application architectures and load balancing in data centers. We’ll start with application-based load balancing (you can solve most of the scale-out challenges with proper application design), and conclude with a detailed description of numerous network-based load balancing mechanisms (from local and global anycast to DNS-based load balancing and dedicated load balancers ... oops, application delivery controllers).

The webinar is an update session for the Data Center 3.0 webinar and so everyone who has ever attended DC 3.0 webinar or bought its recording gets a free seat on the load balancing webinar; you’ll find the details once you log into the webinar management system.


  1. Hopefully, there will be no advertisement for F5...?
    1. You won't know unless you join us ;)
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