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  1. I always learned that a design is finished, not when you can not add anything anymore. No. It is finished when you can not remove anything anymore.

    When I look at current network technologies, I see an unbelievable huge mess. I understand how it works. And why it has evolved the way it has. But still, it's a huge mess.

    Someone should design a whole new network architecture. One that scales. One that has all required features like mobility, multi-homing, automatic addressing, etc. Just layer-2 and layer-3. Just make sure that the thing looks the same to EndSystems, as IPv4 looks today.

    You could even go one step further.
    IPv6 is still not deployed. Not really.
    Why not make some changes to IPv6 ? Small changes on EndSystems. And huge changes to IPv6 on routers. Then we can throw away 90% of the complexity of current systems. Make this new protocol compatible with v4 through a workable NAT-technology. And then there might be a reason to migrate away from v4.

    One can dream.
  2. Guess what Gollum is saying...

    ...give up?

    He is saying, "Martin Casadohhhh..."

    Fortunately for me, I get to see that exact sequence of expressions from one or two colleagues who in their innocence have turned into networking Gollums, repeatedly cycling through these emotions: hopeful, confused, painful, hopefully confused, painfully hopefully confused; waiting for that all too powerful ARP and broadcast controller that would sit at the center of the univers--to rule all networks.
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