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Webinars in 2012 – Plans and Reality

A year ago I asked you to help me plan this year’s webinars. Let’s see how well I matched those expectations:

#1 – IPv6 access networks update. Done.

#2 – Data Center and Virtual Networking Security. Missed. I wrote several blog posts about this topic, mentioned individual products and components in various webinars (example: Cloud Computing Networking and Introduction to Virtual Networking) and public presentations, but still don’t have a comprehensive webinar on this topic.

#3 – Metro Ethernet and VPLS. Shelved. Although there was high interest during the survey, I got zero questions on this topic throughout the year; can’t explain the difference between survey results and follow-up reality. Any ideas?

#4 – vSphere 5.0 Networking Update. Postponed. vSphere 5.1 update is planned for spring 2013 ... and it’s a good thing I waited; 5.1 and the new vCNS is way sexier than 5.0 was.

#5 – NAT64 and DNS64. Close miss. Instead of focusing on a single migration technology, the IPv6 Transition Mechanisms webinar in January 2012 covers a bunch of them.

Interestingly, my track record is way better for topics ranking between #6 and #8: there were Data Center Fabrics update, VXLAN virtual networking, and Clos Fabrics webinars in 2012.


  1. It was a good year and we all thank you for your kind articles and good webinars.

    Regarding VPLS one answer to your question might be that many would like to know "what it is", "how it works", but few had the chance (or misfortune) to really work with this technology and so the lack of experience "generated" lack of questions.
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