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3 & 5 Years Ago (October 2012)

IOS 15.0 was launched in October 2009, and I fondly remembered one of my stupidest moments. I also started ranting about IPv6-capable and IPv6-ready whitewashing.

The most popular post of October 2007 is still the tale of the three MTUs, followed by loads of OSPF posts.

Most popular posts from October 2009

Most popular posts from October 2007


  1. Owww I like the one with default route pointing to Ethernet interface and proxy arp. Guess what ... I have seen this "trick" being used when customer had /16 allocated to one site, proxy arp enabled, and arp cache had 7000 entries during business hours. MPLS CER just had static route for that /16 pointing exactly towards customer router (switch). Now while this is an interesting way how to summarize, problem was that once in 24 hours router just "froze". As it turned out, NMS was set to send standard SNMP query to extract routing table and arp cache once in 24 hours. Router must felt very happy to send >7000 entries via SNMP. Fortunately this request can be filtered in snmp views on router.
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