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3 & 5 Years Ago (May 2012)

In May 2007 I focused on DNS resolver in Cisco IOS, but also on other services, like the (now gone) FTP server. I also wrote a pretty popular post about background pings.

One of my most popular posts ever was written May 2009 – the BGP communities post. I also started writing about one of my favorite topics: lack of IPv6 multihoming.

Another interesting tidbit: Petr Lapukhov mentioned Loop-Free Alternates in a comment to the Why is OSPF (or IS-IS) afraid of unequal-cost load balancing post and it took me almost three years before I wrote about it.

Top 10 most popular posts from May 2007

Top 10 most popular posts from May 2009


  1. I love the where we were then posts! It is the best proof that leadership in the networking industry broke down for a decade.

    "Change the Telnet font color from a Cisco router" That is amazing!!!

    Just as interesting "Lack of IPv6 multihoming: the elephant in the room?"

    Priceless stuff, thanks for the service Ivan.
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