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Cloud Computing Networking Presentations Available Online

I’ve published two cloud networking-related presentations to my webinar demo web site: the Cloud Computing Networking Under the Hood presentation from EuroNOG 2011 briefly describes various technologies you can use to implement virtual networks in IaaS clouds, the Cloud Networking Scalability one from RIPE64 addresses the scalability aspects of these technologies.

You can find a broader in-depth description of these topics in the Cloud Computing Networking webinar (register for the next week’s live session).

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  1. Love your blog, found a typo on slide 17 - - vCDNI is network isolation not network infrastructure.

    What did you mean on slide 14: Nexus 5k - only 250 VLANs verified. I see ~503 as VLAN limit on N5010, haven't hit N5548 limit yet. Can you elaborate on that "verified" bit? Thanks.

  2. Ivan Pepelnjak02 May, 2012 07:51

    The "Verified" number comes from Nexus 5000 Configuration Limits. At the time that presentation was made, they verified up to 250 (or so) VLANs on Nexus 5000, with the latest software (as of this moment), the number has been increased to 507

  3. Thanks! Great info.

  4. jules raymond07 May, 2012 15:58

    je voudrai en savoir plus sur le service afin de mieu l'exploité merci d'avance

  5. Robert Hizza07 May, 2012 21:29

    Hey Ivan ! You are doing a very good work. Keep it up. Off course, I am so impressed with your blog, it looks professional. Hope to learn more from you. My heartfelt thank to Mama Musaroche who exposed me on this blog.


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