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3 & 5 years ago (March 2012)

March 2007 was clearly the “local usernames” month. I wrote about Configuring local authentication with AAA, One-time passwords on Cisco routers, Local usernames with no password and Enhanced password security for local usernames.

March 2009 had a mixture of DSL and BGP topics. DSL topics included ADSL overhead and Rate-limiting inbound traffic; BGP ones AS-path prepending: technical details, BGP Local-AS feature: the basics and EBGP load balancing with a multihop EBGP session.

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  1. The history review gives me hope that we will in fact see the decoupling of the network OS from the hardware. If we are blabbing about L2TP v23 ten years from now I am quitting the industry :)

    Neat thing is look at how little difference from the posts in '07 to '09. Compare that to '09 to '12. It is a shift away from how do we make the operators life easier with tools to how do we consolidate OpEx in all IT verticals today.

    Smells like progress and change, which is likely why there are many in the "It's good enough camp". In the Marines we used to have a joke when we half assed something, "not to good but good enough". At some point relying on vendors to drive change along with Transistors, ASICs, CPUs etc will not be "good enough".

    Great post. I think it really captures how fast things are and will be moving over the next 5 years.!/CCIE11972
  2. I'm afraid the difference between 07-to-09 versus 09-to-12 has more to do with a major shift in my focus ... although we certainly live in interesting times 8-)
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