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Webinars in 2012 – survey results

A few weeks ago I asked you to help me plan the new webinars in 2012. More than a 100 readers responded – a huge thank you (there’s a small present waiting in your Inbox if you left your e-mail address)!

I expected some of the results, others totally surprised me. Here are the winners (you can also download the full report).

#1 - IPv6 access networks update. No major surprise here; I expected this topic to be popular, but not to be the winner. The webinar is already scheduled for late January.

#2 – Data Center and Virtual Networking Security. Definitely an important topic, but I didn’t expect it to be this high in the list. I’ll wait for vASA public release; the webinar will probably be ready sometime in late summer/early autumn (there are a few other things I’d like to do as prerequisites to this one).

#3 – Metro Ethernet and VPLS. This one totally surprised me. I expected VPLS and Metro Ethernet to be boring old news. MPLS-TP appearing in GA releases (for example, IOS XE 3S) will make this topic even sexier; expect a webinar sometime in summer.

#4 – vSphere 5.0 networking update. No surprises here. Webinar tentatively scheduled for late April/early May.

#5 – NAT64 and DNS64. Very interesting, didn’t expect it to be this high on the list. I’ll combine NAT64 with 6-to-4 and 4-to-6 load balancing. As there are numerous shipping implementations, I’ll try to get this one done in late March.

Other suggestions

The survey also had the other suggestions option. Here are some of them:

  • OpenFlow – already scheduled for February 7th.
  • MPLS/VPN fast convergence – interesting, but not sure it’s worth an independent webinar.
  • Network Virtualization Fundamentals in detail – the next session of Introduction to Virtualized Networking is in two days (and there are still a few seats left).
  • Layer-3 redundancy on top of VPLS – some of that is covered in the Choose the Optimal VPN Service webinar. This blog post might also help a bit.
  • QoS and Voice – these topics are covered in more than enough details in regular training classes from Cisco and other vendors.


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