Not sure about the yearly subscription? Start slowly!

One of my Twitter friends sent me this question: “Would you honestly recommend your webinar subscription for a young CCIE that knows how routing works but have no real world experience and is a noob in DC/VM/NXOS?” That sounds like a perfect audience to me – I usually assume the attendees have mastered the fundamentals of networking/routing but don’t know much about the topics of the webinar (the whole idea of my webinars is to help you get started in new technology areas).

Furthermore, I try to create webinars with different prerequisite requirements in each area I’m focusing on. Some of the webinars are introductory and assume just the baseline networking knowledge, others are intermediate (where I would expect CCNP-level understanding of routing and switching), or advanced ... and you can always watch them in sequence according to the roadmaps to slowly build your knowledge.

Still not sure? Take baby steps:

  • Start with the demo videos (highly recommended if you’re not sure you’d be able to understand my English);
  • Buy one of the recordings based on what you’re assuming your knowledge level is. For example: if you think you know nothing about virtualization, start with the Introduction to Virtual Networking.
  • If you like the recording, you can always upgrade to the yearly subscription – you’ll only pay the difference.


  1. "[...] young CCIE that knows how routing works but have no real world experience [...]"

    ... where is this world going to ...
  2. Heh, I though the same :)

    Maybe he was referring to 'DC/VM/NXOS' only.
  3. If he's a CCIE, he can afford a yearly subsription! ;)
  4. Hm... Is there a big difference between a young and old CCIE? Looking at the rate old technologies get obsoleted and newer ones gets reinvented, the experience part will not playso much as a competitive advantage... just like a jedi and the jedi master, their skills should be on par... and if you are a sith, you probably should finished off the master in no time...
  5. If we measure "young and old" in terms of experience, not physical age, then there's a huge difference. Nothing really new has been invented in the last 10+ years (even OpenFlow is a resurrection of MLS Cisco had in Catalyst 5000).

    Assuming you always focus on the concepts, not implementation recipes, you'll be able to master new technologies significantly quicker if you've seen X technologies in the past.

    My favorite example: ADSL is a combination of baseband modems, modem racks (called DSLAMs), ATM switches (in DSLAMs), bridging-over-ATM, PPP and IP-over-PPP. Not a single new technology there.
  6. Tell your Twitter friend "Hell, yes!" from me ;) Seriously, I don't have CCIE, live as small specialized cog in world of large SP machinery and I find those webinars very useful to keep up with current trends, gain overview of technologies and know where to start.
  7. Without hesitation I would pay the money again and again. My friend Kurt Bales (@networkjanitor) got me onto these webinars. I am only a near CCNP yet I find these webinars full of information that is just right for someone stepping into the topic.

    They help tackle a giant subject and break it down into small pieces that are easier to digest. I cannot speak more highly of Ivan's technical knowledge and prowess behind the CLI.
    A subject matter expert on a myriad of subjects.
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