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ipSpace webinars – peek before you buy

Every so often I get a question along the lines of “could I see a sample of your webinars before I buy them?” To answer the question, I created a new web site that includes the videos I previously published on YouTube, as well as plenty of information on what exactly you get when you buy a recording or the yearly subscription. Your feedback on site outline/design and its contents is highly appreciated!


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  1. Hi Ivan,
    I recently bought one of these and what I can say is that your work is great.
    However, because you asked, Webex/Java sucks. I just can't read it on my main computer (Ubuntu 64 bits).

  2. Hi,

    I have a large assortment of grudges with WebEx and its recordings (which is the part that truly sucks), but unfortunately I haven't yet found a reasonably accessible platform that would handle PowerPoint slides in their vector form (so the picture a student sees adapts to the screen resolution), and handle PowerPoint animations at least somewhat correctly.


  3. Hello Ivan,

    Are there other ways to pay except via Google Wallet ?
    My bank strongly discourages me from that...


    1. You can ask for an invoice for the yearly subscription (link on this page: and pay with either a credit card (processed manually) or bank transfer.

      I'll be moving from Google Checkout to Amazon Payments in a few days.

      Kind regards,


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