Interesting links (2012-01-15)

Lots of interesting links accumulated in my Evernote notebook during the last two weeks. Let's start with a design masterpiece — Historical Thursday: The Other Manhattan Project: Almost as good as stretched clusters ... and almost as useful ;)

And here are the other links in somewhat random order:


Why the Cloud Kills Hardware: ... in the end, all you need are big dumb switches, storage and lots of commodity servers. Get used to it.

CloudBeat 2011: Uncomfortable Choices on the Road to Cloud Computing: Old news (but nice to hear them from a Cisco VP/CTO) - to get benefits from the cloud computing, you have to rearchitect your enterprise applicatons.

Cloud Computing Came to a Head in 2011: An interesting perspective on the difference between "enterprise computing" and "cloud computing". Short summary: if you're doing virtualization & automation of existing craplications, that's not cloud computing.

Data Center

Merchant Silicon: A great introduction to various merchant silicon issues by Denton Gentry

More Thoughts on Hardening Internet-Facing Applications: Good hands-on security tips from Fernando Montenegro

Eight Unresolved Questions About FCoE: A great summary of FCoE gray areas by Stephen Foskett.

All I Want for Christmas: A nice wish list from Jon Hudson. Do I have to mention that Brocade has (or is promising) most of the features he wishes for? Now, Jon, how about doing it right and moving from MAC addresses to L3?


What is LTE?: Pretty good introduction to what LTE is and how it works.

Double NAT – NAT$$$: This time I'm totally agreeing with Tom Hollingsworth - NAT444 is pure evil.


Large percentage of websites vulnerable to HashDoS denial of service attack: Another highly efficient DoS vector - hash tables used by most scripting languages (thanks for sharing, @MrsYisWhy). The article itself is not too bad, but you should really go through the original presentation (first link in the article) - anyone can burn web server CPU for minutes with a single POST request.


Configuring VRF-Lite on IOS and Junos: I had this topic on my to-write list for months. No more - Joel wrote a great article.


Networking Doesn’t Need a VMWare: A great article describing the challenges of virtualized networking, unfortunately with a marketing twist instead of a real conclusion. Building on that, Brad Casemore wrote Why Nicira Says Networking Doesn’t Need a VMware, a great article in which he analyses the recent Nicira's distancing from OpenFlow/VMware-of-Networking hype.

Impact of load balancing on datastore cluster configuration: Every time I read an article like this one, I have to wonder - why does VMware have so many wonderful storage-oriented solutions and totally minimalistic (to use diplomatic language) virtual switch?

Other topics

How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps): A good advice for every geek (and a few others).

Certification – Earn It, Don’t Just Pass It!: Another good article on why certifications do matter and how you should approach them. Kurt (@networkjanitor) Bales is back in action!

How to be a Network Jedi: One more article on what matters in IT. End-of-year is obviously a perfect contemplation period.

My Utopian Daydreams for 2012: A long wish list from Ethan Banks. I'll be mightily surprised if he gets one or two items from that list.

Being Good at IT Stuff: Derick Winkworth on what's important in IT.

This is why you didn’t get the job!: Might help if you're looking for a job - a list of common mistakes.

VDI: The Depressing State of Statelessness: Tony Bourke wrote another masterful rant that I can forcefully agree with - Microsoft is killing the VDI with its licensing.

When Is a Best Practice, Not?: Best Practice - another "great" argument to support your particular view.

Adrian Cockcroft's Blog: How Netflix gets out of the way of innovation: A presentation from yet another parallel universe.

And don't forget: interesting links are now available as a shared Evernote notebook. Enjoy!


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