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Clearing up the IPv6 Webinar confusion

One of my readers couldn’t figure out which IPv6 webinar to buy. He wrote:

I bought your Service Provider IPv6 Introduction webinar. I’m also interested in Building IPv6 Service Provider Core and Building Large IPv6 Access Networks. I realized that the second training is not released yet and it says that it's an update session for the first training, so do I need to buy both? I would like to download all the material related to the trainings so I would watch them whenever I need.

It seems I did overcomplicate a few things, so I’ll try to clear up the confusion I created.

What can you buy?

What will you get?

More generic answers

  • Most of my webinars are available as recordings after live sessions. You can purchase recordings individually or get them as part of the yearly subscription.
  • All recordings are initially streamed from the WebEx server. These recordings are available within 24 hours of the live WebEx session, and you can play them on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux (some people are experiencing problems on Linux - those problems seem to be distribution- and/or 64-bit specific).
  • Eventually, I convert streamed WebEx recording to MP4 videos that can be downloaded and played on an iDevice (among other options). However, while the conversion process runs (somewhat) automatically, I have to clean up the results and split them into manageably-small files. The clean-up process is time-consuming, so I can't commit to specific release dates for individual webinars.


If you buy "Building IPv6 SP Core" recording, you'll get access to Building Large IPv6 Access Networks recording after the session.

If you'd like to participate in a live session, register for the Building Large IPv6 Access Networks webinar and you'll get access to:

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