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Best of 2011

Having nothing better to do in the last few days of 2011, I wrote a simple application that extracts data from Google Analytics. Here are the results for my blog:

Most visited blog posts in 2011

Not surprisingly, the most-popular blog posts were written years ago:

Most popular content written in 2011

And here are the most popular blog posts I wrote in 2011:

Most commented posts

Finally, these are the posts that generated more than 20 comments:


  1. Is google analytics reliable? I imagine a lot of noscript users leave it disabled.
  2. What an interesting is the poor attention is receiving IPv6 during 2011. OK, one of the most commented posts is "We just might need NAT66". but, that's it? Come on guys, give IPv6 an opportunity and give more attention to it!!!
    Cheers and Happy 2012!
  3. Trust me, when ever I find time, I just read thru as much posts I can... clicking on older post for more than 20 times some times ;).. but there has never been disappointment in any of the posts.. Just love all of them. A big Thank YOU IVAN :)
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