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Building IPv6 Access Networks Webinar

Recent Cisco IOS releases have significant improvements in DHCPv6 functionality and other IPv6 access network features. These improvements, as well as additional access network methods (including 6rd), will be described in the Building IPv6 Access Networks webinar on January 25th (register).

The live WebEx session will be an update session for the Building IPv6 Service Provider Core webinar. When registering for the update session, you’ll get immediate access to the original webinar materials and streamed recordings of the past sessions. Prior to the live session, you’ll also get downloadable recording (in MP4 format) of those parts of the original webinar that will not be covered in the live WebEx session.

As this is an update session, you’ll get automatic access to the new recordings after the January 25th session if you’ve bought the Building IPv6 Service Provider webinar recording or attended a live WebEx session in the past.


  1. Hi Ivan,
    Amazing course outline. Is one of your IPv6 webinars or courses IPv6 forum certified? I am very interested in CNE6 (silver/Gold).
  2. No, they are not. I'm focused at giving the engineers the knowledge they need to design/build/run their networks.
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