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RFC Tidbit: IPv6 in 3GPP mobile networks

Did you ever want to have a high-level overview of how 3G/4G mobile networks work? Where GGSN and SGSN fit in? What the PDP contexts are ... and why you need two for dual-stack connectivity? All that (and a lot more) is explained in very well written IETF draft IPv6 in 3GPP Evolved Packet System. Reading highly recommended.

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  1. Ivan,

    I'm glad to see a post about wireless. I hope this piques readers' interest in wireless provider's packet core networks. These providers stand to benefit from engineers with backgrounds working on large ISPs. Folks who have this experience know how to move bits at extremely large scale, and this knowledge is vital as the mobile Internet continues to add new devices and consume bandwidth.

    If readers want to learn more about the 3GPP packet core, I recommend buying EPC and 4G Packet Networks: Driving the Mobile Broadband Revolution by Magnus Olsson. The books focuses on the Evolved Packet Core (EPC), the 3GPP Release-8 and beyond packet core. There is some information about pre-Release-8 packet cores; however, the material mostly concerns interoperability. There are many good books out there on GPRS/WCDMA for readers who want to understand the previous packet core architecture.

    Jeff L.


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