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Data Center Fabrics Webinar – A Huge Thank You!

The Data Center Fabric Architectures webinar was very well received, took way longer than I initially predicted (3 hours instead of 2, but that’s usual with my webinars), and contained almost no factual errors (this is the part that I’m most happy about). Obviously I’m not that good; a lot of people were helping.

I would like to express a huge thank you to Raj Toor (Alcatel Lucent), Doug Gourlay (Arista), Lisa Caywood, Jon Hudson and Brook Reams (Brocade), Ron Fuller and Omar Sultan (Cisco), Brad Hedlund and Peter Wohlers (Force 10), Abner Germanow, Nadia Walker and product management teams from Juniper, Khalid Raza (HP) and Samrat Ganguly and Su-Hun Yun (NEC America). They were fixing my errors, pointing out my omissions, and helped me fine-tune the grading system, making the webinar way more accurate.

If you’ve missed the webinar, don’t worry – the recording is already available, and I’ll run another session in May, updating the scorecards with the improvements vendors will make in the next six months.

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