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Data Center Fabric Architectures (EuroNOG 2011)

As you might know, I did a Data Center Fabric Architectures presentation at the EuroNOG 2011 conference last week. The slides are available online; for a more in-depth version, please register for my Data Center Fabrics webinar.

As always, if I got anything wrong, please write a comment.


  1. This left me wanting on one more topic: what about the number of VLANs supported by each? Which ones are limited to 4K? Which ones are not and have or can have port-local VLAN IDs?
  2. Really good question to add to the per-vendor scorecard in the DC Fabrics webinar. Thank you!
  3. This is a great summary. Sharing widely.
  4. Super great slide show. Thanks a lot for sharing. I didnt quite get why FCOE is a must....all that buys is less cabling/equipment right? Is it a must for any other reason?
  5. Can't put everything on the slides or they would be too crowded. It's primarily to reduce server-to-ToR cabling and the number of managed devices (no need for ToR FC switch).
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