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Data Center Fabric Architecture webinar

I spent a lot of time during the last year analyzing various data center architectures proposed by networking vendors – from simple solutions like MLAG to complex architectures like QFabric – and presented the summary of my findings in a short presentation @ EuroNOG 2011 that received positive feedback from Cisco, Juniper and Brocade (and a post from Brook Reams @ EthernetFabric). That presentation (you can view it online) was pretty short due to the 45-minute slot I got and I decided to expand it into a proper 2-to-3 hour webinar.

The webinar will expand the topics of the presentation and focus on numerous important aspects of modern data center architectures, including layer-2 and layer-3 multipathing, lossless transport (DCB), VM awareness, and FCoE support. I’m planning to include a score sheet for every solution describing how well it actually supports all the above-mentioned requirements.

So far, I’m planning to cover the following vendors and solutions (in alphabetic order): Arista EOS, Avaya/Nortel (SPB and SMLT), Brocade (VCS fabric and Multi-Chassis trundling), Cisco (VSS, vPC, FabricPath, port extenders), Force10 (FTOS and HyperLink), HP (IRF), and Juniper (QFabric, Virtual Chassis, XRE).

Interested? Register for the first live session on November 16th (registration is free if you have yearly subscription).

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