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VMware Networking webinar – a huge THANK YOU!

Last week’s first session of the VMware Networking webinar (next session is in September; you can also buy a recording) was running way better than I expected and so far it seems like I managed to make a single major blunder – Nexus 1000V supports class-based queuing in the latest software release. The webinar is describing VMware-focused networking solutions from six different vendors (a few more are mentioned and I will probably add one or two in the September session) and I couldn’t possibly make it work without significant help from vendors’ experts.

Let’s start with VMware: Massimo Re Ferre and Serge Maskalik verified my ideas on dvFilter and vShield architectures and provided some details I would have very hard time figuring out (for example: why does vShield Edge use a VM in combination with Port Group Isolation?).

Omar Sultan from Cisco organized a virtual meeting with Prashant Gandhi and his team; they helped me understand how Virtual Security Gateway works and how it differs from other virtual firewall solutions. Brad Hedlund and M. Sean McGee provided feedback on some networking aspects of the UCS solution.

On top of making sure Arista’s EOS documentation is publicly available (which deserves a separate HOORAY!!!), Doug Gourlay blew away the last mists around their VM Tracer solution. Mark Berly even helped me answer some of the attendees’ questions during the webinar.

As always, Kevin Kimball from Force10 proved to be great help; he was quick to organize a conference call with his team during which James Wynia and Wanqun Bao provided plenty of details on their HyperLink solution.

I had harder time getting anything useful on HP’s TippingPoint solution, but then Andreas Claus Schmidt sent me a few slides that showed exactly how it works.

I needed no help from Juniper: their vGW documentation was totally self-explanatory.

And finally – Scott Lowe was immense help throughout the research and content development process. He helped me shape the webinar outline, pointed out my omissions and other weak points, verified the technical accuracy of the slides and helped promote the webinar.

Besides all the direct help I got, there were tons of useful articles from fellow bloggers. Four blogs definitely stood out: VMware’s official blog, Frank Denneman’s blog, the Yellow Bricks blog from Duncan Epping and Scott Lowe’s blog.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you! You helped me make this webinar way better than it would have been otherwise and I thoroughly enjoyed all the technical details you’ve shared with me.


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