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VMware networking – a truly multi-vendor webinar

When I started developing the VMware networking webinar (register here), I planned to cover VMware’s products (including vShield and vCloud Director) and Cisco’s Nexus 1000V, but then the early reviewers pointed out numerous other interesting products around vSphere:

  • Firewalls: HP’s TippingPoint vController, Juniper’s vGW Virtual Gateway and Cisco’s Virtual Security Gateway;
  • Access switch solutions: VM Tracer from Arista and HyperLink from Force10;
  • Virtual appliances from F5, Vyatta and Zeus.

All of them are now described in the webinar (to be honest, the appliances got an honorable mention), as is Cisco’s Adapter FEX (VN-Tag), VM-FEX (VN-Link) and (to make it balanced) the EVB/VEPA standard.


  1. For what it's worth extreme also have some VM tracking functionality in recent switches/firmware.
  2. Link to documentation?
  3. Try the XNV link from:

    There's also something about it in the concepts guide from:

    A bit light on details perhaps - I did sit through a slide deck on it but don't have a copy. In addition to the VM tracking functionality they're also talking up VEPA a lot, but I don't think that exists in any shipped product.
  4. Thank you. Exactly what I needed ;)

    Seems like Extreme has yet another approach - VMs are monitored by Ridgeline (NMS), the changes are then propagated to DC switches.
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