Interesting links (2011-06-12)

Article of the week: “What OpenFlow is (and more importantly, what it’s not)” by Martin Casado, CTO of Nicira Networks and consulting professor at Stanford. It’s so refreshing to see someone deeply involved with OpenFlow having almost the same perspective as I do.

Another highly relevant article: “You’re solving the wrong problem” Read it every time someone tells you to build layer-2 DC interconnects to support stretched clusters.

Tweet of the week: “Synergizing end to end webinar verticals for maximum customer value impact!” (@networkjanitor commenting my webinar roadmaps).

Other good stuff (somewhat randomly):


Why OpenFlow Hub – as I expected, the OpenFlow technology got hyped and commercialized too early in its development cycle. Next step: every startup will roll out totally proprietary product, all of them claiming to be able to control merchant silicon switches. Welcome back to the early 80s; Doc Brown must be so proud.

RouteFlow – some OpenFlow developers have realized there might be a marginal use for hated old-world routing protocols.


DHCP for IPv4 and IPv6 – nice high-level overview of their differences.

IPv6 over IPv4 transition with LISP – another fantastic must-read article by Yandy the Packet Maniac.

Fog, clouds and other meteorological events

VMware published vCloud Architecture Toolkit document.


On The RSA SecurID Compromise – great analysis by Dan Kaminsky.

Beware the cult of ROI – like any other cargo cult, cult of ROI might be dangerous if pursued by the pointy-haired individuals.

Why “Bring Your Own Device” Is Seriously Flawed. Bob Plankers obviously has to deal with BYOD-induced stupidities on a daily basis. This article is full of well thought-out arguments against lemming-like BYOD rollout.


  1. Hi,

    Why the "Why OpenFlow Hub" led you to draw such a harsh conclusion? :-)

    The post just says that anyone can have a project there - even those without any commercial bias! After all, if you know any "story behind the story", just let us know!

    Best regards.
  2. Thanks very much for linking to my post on the Cult of ROI.

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