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VMware Networking Deep Dive webinar

If you’re a networking engineer, you could easily get confused by the intricacies of the virtual switch embedded in the VMware hypervisor, as it never behaves like you’d expect a layer-2 LAN switch to behave. Likewise, if you’re a virtualization engineer using (distributed) vSwitch for years, you might never understand the problems your network-focused peers are talking about. I’ll try to bridge that gap (ok, build a shaky footbridge) and explore a few exciting new technologies like vShield products, vCDNI and VSG in my new VMware Networking Deep Dive webinar starting in early June (register here).

To ensure the webinar stays honest and accurate on the VMware side, Scott Lowe has graciously offered his help in content development... and who knows, he might even drop by during the live session. Thank you, Scott!!!


  1. Cool, should be fun! Awesome to have a view from both sides of the equation as well.. nice
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