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New webinars and recordings

A very short update on the status of my webinars (if you need more information, send me an e-mail or a tweet):

New webinars

Cisco has introduced several interesting DMVPN features after I created my DMVPN: From Basics to Scalable Networks webinar. The new DMVPN: New Features webinar (register) describes them as well as DMVPN-IPv6 integration.

The Data Center Interconnects webinar extends the DCI section of the Data Center 3.0 webinar and describes active-active data center designs and layer-2 and layer-3 interconnects.

I’m planning to roll out at least one other new webinar before the summer break. More details to follow (hint: Scott Lowe has offered his help in content development).

New recordings

Enterprise MPLS/VPN Deployment webinar is now available as a recording, raising the number of webinars available as recordings to eight.

You can get all of them (plus access to all live sessions in 12 months after purchase) as part of the yearly subscription to @ioshints webinars.


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again:

    EVERYONE Pay for the subscription, the content is so good you wont stop at one ;)

    This has been a public service announcement from the Network Janitor!
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