Interesting links (2011-04-10)


Job Snijders describes why he thinks LISP is serious business and FryGuy wrote an in-depth article describing LISP (one item less on my to-do list ;).

Data Center

Brook Reams published an excellent article describing how Brocade’s load balancing works, including some details I couldn’t possible find out from publicly-available documentation.

John Oltsik @ Network World writes about flat network confusion. I particularly liked this part:

Attention networking industry: This techno-geek debate is only confusing your customers and prospects. Most organizations don't care how you flatten the network, they simply want something that works and supports their business processes.

Chuck Hollis ponders CPU wars and Intel’s obvious victory. Some of his observations are also very relevant in the networking industry.

You’ll find a good in-depth Multihop FCoE article on Cisco’s web site.


Most of us probably don’t care about Microsoft’s claims of reduced power consumption in IE9, but it does matter in VDI environment.

Cutting down on wasted keystrokes, virtualization will be henceforth known as v12n.


RIPE NCC is publishing a weekly-updated IPv4 Available Pool graph.

APNIC has a similar graph, but updated daily. They’ve consumed almost a full /8 in two weeks and they have less than 1.5 /8 left.

Other bits & pieces

Cherokee web server is supposed to be good (according to @plankers). It definitely looks interesting.

Jose Leitao published the most interesting tidbits from his interviews. Not surprisingly, once you exclude the self-promotional bits, we were all saying more or less the same thing.


  1. Thanks for the link. Interesting LISP article :)
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