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Interesting links (2010-03-27)


The Tip-of-the-Week award goes to Jeremy (@packetlife) Stretch for his excellent Tips for starting an IT blog advice. He’s also experimenting with a three-year-delayed blog feed. Marvelous idea, I have to do something similar.


Shortly after my Where's my AAAA record post, RIPE Labs published an excellent explanation of the broken-IPv6 phenomena. Most of the problems are caused by 6to4 tunnels; obviously it’s time to get rid of them (but unfortunately they’re built into operating systems like Windows Vista).

Geoff Huston published a two-part series on transitioning to IPv6. Part 1 describes dual stack and tunnels and part 2 focuses on Service Provider technologies like CGN, DS-Lite, 6rd and 6PE.

Jason Braddy posted an interesting link in one of the comments to my IPv6-to-IPv4 load balancing post: check out Zeus Traffic Manager; supposedly it can rewrite web pages on-the-fly.

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