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Interesting links (2010-03-20)

Advice of the Week

Straight from Scott Adams: true to his (and Dilbert’s) nature, he writes about Happiness Engineering.


Brad Hedlund is back from the corporate overload writing about inverse virtualization (isn’t that a great name for a server farm – Brad has some serious future in corporate marketing if he ever decides to change jobs again ;)

If you’re interested in vShield, VMware’s attempt to enter network security market, start with Eric Siebert’s series. After you get totally confused by VMware’s product names and packaging tricks, read the vShield Product Packaging Explained article by Massimo Re Ferre.

Lori MacVittie has written another great article, this time arguing that it’s time to move from reference architectures to repeatable architectures.


In an amazing case of synchronized thinking, Jeff Doyle published his The Case for Enterprise IPv6 article at almost the same time as I wrote my You can’t ignore IPv6 any longer post.

RIPE NCC has published Preparing an IPv6 Address Plan document, documenting some of the best practices you can use to carve /64 prefixes out of your /48 chunk of public address space (you did get a PI chunk, right?)

In my Enterprise IPv6 webinar (register here), I’m always stressing that the applications will become the biggest roadblock on the path to IPv6 deployment. Russell Heilling has recently documented another case of IPv6 denial symptom: IPv6 patches for the Twisted framework have been available for over three years, but nobody cared enough to have them merged with the mainstream code. I was more fortunate: PERL, Apache and Mediawiki had IPv6 support for years.


  1. LOL - thanks for the link, and career guidance Ivan! :)
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