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Interesting links (2010-03-13)

Collected in my Inbox and Twitter feed throughout last week:

To Tell the Truth: Multihop FCoE. An excellent and very precise explanation. It’s so nice to see a vendor’s blogger joining my efforts to take confusion out of multihop FCoE (it probably helps that Cisco finally has a full-blown multihop FCoE code).

How not to build a private cloud. “Somewhat” biased, but full of interesting insight. Moral of the story: if you won’t build it, your applications will go elsewhere. Assuming, of course, that the application developers know how to write scalable applications ... in which case it might actually be easy to build your private cloud.

Making Dollars and Sense of Ethernet Fabrics – another “somewhat” biased article. Ask yourself: “how much will the troubleshooting efforts cost once the fabric that I have zero visibility into breaks down?”

How to get IPv6, now. A nice introductory post by Philip Remaker. However, I would appreciate an answer to another question: how to get IPv6 into Cisco’s gear deployed in my Data Center now?

Is your company at risk of an IPv6 brain drain? If you won’t give your top engineers toys to play with, they’ll move elsewhere. Also, investing into IPv6 skills might be a good career move right now.


  1. I'm not familiar with Cisco's multihop FCoE. What products/code are you referring to Ivan?
  2. It's a well-hidden mystery, took me more than half an hour to figure it out:

    Nexus 5000 with NX-OS 5.0(2)N2(1) (VE_ports)

    Nexus 7000 with NX-OS 5.2 (future)
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