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Interesting links (2010-03-06)

The best-discovery-of-the-week award undoubtedly goes to CCIE Routing and Switching Review Kit: Fantastic 63 pages of mind maps covering all CCIE R&S technologies, from Frame Relay and LAN switching to BGP and MPLS/VPN (link found on The Quest for CCIE blog by @mfp).

The rest of the collection is primarily focused on IPv6. I can’t possibly fathom why that would be the case ...

The 6 biggest misconceptions about IPv6. Every now and then Network World has a great article. Definitely worth reading (and don’t forget to register for my Enterprise IPv6 – the first steps webinar afterwards).

Ars technica has a good article describing what they would need to do to move to IPv6, why they can’t go there right now and why they are not panicking yet.

RFC 6105: IPv6 RA Guard. Another crucial bit of IPv6 infrastructure got its own RFC. One down, too many to go ...

If you’re scared of IPv6, you shouldn’t be. As Ethan Banks points out, slow migration to IPv6 (and failure to migrate old applications) makes sure you’ll be employed forever.

What's Next with IPv6? Jeff Doyle explains his views of the state of IPv6-awareness in various IT segments. I am amazed how far beyond enterprises are – we’re already getting into serious IPv6 discussions with our enterprise customers.

IPv6 Economics - Why Move To IPv6? Terry Slattery’s views are close to Jeff’s and Ars technica’s. I continue to be amazed. For example, T-mobile decided to skip dual stack and predicts that half of their mobile traffic will be IPv6 by the end of this year and IPv4 content providers (including enterprise web sites) don’t care. Whose problem do you think the address translation mess will be once the teens can reliably reach Youtube and Facebook over IPv6?

Non Verbal Communication for Sales Engineers – another great article by Colin McNamara explaining the need for soft skills. Don’t ignore it just because you don’t work in sales; you’re selling yourself (or your ideas) in every meeting, presentation, interview and negotiation.


  1. Krzysztof's brain maps are great for revising before exam or just quickly find details you may forgotten. Good he's keeping them up to date.
  2. Excellent piece by Krzysztof, really handy ! Too bad there is nothing about IS-IS :'(
  3. There are some interesting review sheet / guides / notes out there:
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