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F5: the first vendor participating in @ioshints webinars

Regardless of the current creed preached by Gartner, multi-vendor networks are a fact of life. I’m therefore trying to make my webinars as multi-vendor as possible and as every vendor has its own Data Center Interconnect solutions, I’ve reached out to my various contacts trying to collect as much information as possible while developing the materials for my latest Data Center Interconnect webinar. I was already familiar with Cisco’s DCI solutions and Juniper’s BGP MPLS-based MAC VPN technology, but knew almost nothing about what F5 (BIG-IP with EtherIP) and others are doing. To make matters worse, I had no contacts with F5.

Fortunately, Stephen Foskett, the great mastermind behind Tech Field days knows everyone and he got me in touch with Melissa Ruby from F5. Contrary to some other vendors, Melissa and the rest of her team turned out to be very helpful, fact-checking my materials and providing answers well beyond what’s available on their web site. They even decided to participate in the webinar session and I’m positive everyone enjoyed the opportunity to have F5-related questions answered directly by Nojan Moshiri, product management engineer at F5.

Thank you, Nojan, for all the insights, and thank you, Melissa, for making it all happen! And special thanks to Stephen for making sure bloggers and vendors find ways to communicate.

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