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Interesting links (2011-02-13)

If there were a “blog post of the week” award, Brad Hedlund would definitely deserve it for his Emergence of the Massively Scalable Data Center article ... but then I may be biased as he came to the same conclusions I did: we need VM agility, but bridging doesn’t scale and routing is too rigid (because we never tried to make it flexible), so we need a fundamental change in network architecture.

Other interesting links of this week:

Greg Ferro started a deep-dive into load balancing using Cisco ACE. This week: source NAT Part 1 and Part 2.

Network Zen – The Flow May Only Be Seen When It Is Not Present. Reworded in a less ethereal spirit: we’re plumbers and thus unseen ... until the plumbing is broken due to lack of investment.

A fantastic QoS Values Calculator (cheatsheet).

Public cloud services are becoming a utility. We all know that (at least we should). What we don’t realize is how much the total lack of regulation could harm us.

Hybrid Access Layer Design Revisited. Stretch is getting better and better.

Taking a Sales Engineer from good to great. I was always saying soft skills are important. Colin provides another good example.


  1. Nice links. I'd also add the Sasquatch QoS calculator: or the MQC to MLS QOS configuration converter:
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