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One of the regular questions I was getting throughout the last few months was “is it possible to buy just the recording of your webinar?” I tried to solve the problem with Eventbrite-based kludges, but finally gave up and implemented a Google Checkout-based solution. The whole process is extremely easy: select the recordings you’d like to buy from the list of recordings and click the Google Checkout button; you’ll get access to Webex recordings, PDF materials and router configurations (only for select webinars – check the list of documents associated with each webinar) a few seconds after Google processes your credit card information.

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  1. Please, escape Google when possible: these 1984-guys are poisoning the Internet and the whole concept of privacy.

  2. Points to consider :

    1st Ivan's Webinars Are 150% worth viewing, they are simply superb.

    2nd Think about an annual subscription, well worth it in my opinion.

    3rd Bookmark this page and also his youtube channel.



  3. Hi. I bought 3 courses last year. I like very much this blog and Ivan work. I'll buy the annual subscription.
    Also it's a lot easier to hear and understand English spoken by non-UK (as I'm Italian), so I enjoy a so much the webinars. Thanks Ivan! Also thanks to all blog visitors that drop a lot of interesting comments.

    So.. the only thing I dislike is Google.. the only way to get a bit of privacy with their Android based phones is to stop everything going to their IP domain via iptables.