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Building MPLS/VPN service across an Enterprise WAN

One of the toughest challenges you face when deploying MPLS/VPN in an enterprise network is the WAN transport. If you’re lucky enough to use Frame Relay, ATM or any other layer-2 transport technology (including pseudowires and VPLS), your task is simple: configure mpls ip on the WAN interfaces. The going gets tougher when the only option you have is IP-based WAN connectivity, be it Internet-based VPNs or MPLS/VPN from a Service Provider (don’t even start thinking about Carrier’s Carrier architecture; most SPs would have no clue what you’re talking about).

I’ve described some of the options you have in the “How to prepare enterprise WANs for MPLS/VPN integration” article published by SearchEnterpriseWan; if you need in-depth information, including tested router configurations ready to be deployed in your lab, register for the Enterprise MPLS/VPN Deployment webinar.

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