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Yearly webinar subscription – interesting questions

I received several questions about my yearly webinar subscription package. It started with a CCIE who was interested in buying it:

I just wanted to clarify: if I buy the yearly subscriptions I have access to 3 up and coming webinars PLUS all the archived material you have? That’s absolutely correct. Even more, if you decide you’d like to attend more than three live webinars in the 12 months after buying the subscription, you’ll get a 30% discount on all subsequent ones But even better (the terms have changed in the meantime), you get unlimited access to all live webinar sessions for the duration of your subscription.

Do you have a list of what is available in the archive material? Of course. You can view the list of all recordings (multiple recordings are available for some of the sessions) and the list of all PDF documents and router configuration sets.

Another engineer that attended numerous webinars in the past sent me a more cautious one (proving yet again that subscription might not be the best word to use):

Would we still have access to material/recordings from this year webinars starting from January 1st 2011? Yes. The introduction of yearly subscription package does not impact you if you attended a webinar (or plan to attend one in the future). You’ll have access to materials and recordings from the webinars you’ve attended indefinitely.

Will we still get updated material and recording access without the subscription? Yes, you will. Even more, I just implemented a weekly notification mechanism that will send you an e-mail on Sunday morning whenever I upload new materials or make new recordings available for the webinars you’ve attended.


  1. Way to go Ivan, those questions were from me, and anyone who reads this should be in NO doubt. This stuff is top notch and well worth the investment. I am almost 10 years a CCIE and 30 in IT / Networking and I am still learning.

    Do these webinars help ?

    Answer : Yes 110%

    CCIE #10055
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