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Remote access section added to the IPv6 service provider webinar

Due to extreme student interest, I’ve added a whole new remote access section to my Building IPv6 Service Provider Core webinar (register here or buy a recording). It covers PPPoE and Carrier Ethernet access methods (PPPoE configuration can be used in any dial-up environment; Carrier Ethernet configuration is probably applicable to cable as well) and describes the following topics:

  • SLAAC on access networks for hosts connecting to the IPv6 Internet;
  • DHCPv6 prefix delegation required by IPv6-enabled CPE routers;
  • Prefix allocation (SLAAC and DHCPv6) from local pools;
  • DHCPv6 relays and SLAAC/DHCPv6-RADIUS integration.

As always, attendees of past webinars can download the updated materials immediately and will get access to the new recording after the next week’s session.

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