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  1. Well, a 3G dongle is a modem!
  2. Yeah, but the kids have no idea. They don't even know what a modem is supposed to be doing.
  3. A Guru is someone that already made every mistake!!!
  4. Luckily the technologies we are using today in the Internet are 30 years old as well :D
  5. Nothing ever changes. ADSL = ATM + PPP, ISDN signaling protocol rides over SDLC++, IPv6 is IPv4 with 128 bit addresses ... and we're still using 30 year old bridging kludges in data centers. Don't get me even grumpier than I already am.
  6. Whether ADSLto Zmodem, old or not they are just traffic cops and mediums. The cops are the same but the cars, signals and roads have changed. Japanese in the late 80's were throwing away 300K modems in the trash because they were too slow, while we maxed out at 56K analog and just sat there on a maxed out POTS. A shame that we still run on 1934 technology when NTT Japan has all digital network and the cool toys. Ah the good enough mentality of infrastructure as is...
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