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Early access to webinar recordings

I get a question along these lines at least once a week: “I would love to register for your webinar, but it’s too late for me. I need the information sooner than that.

My usual response was: “Don’t worry, just register and let me know you’d like to get access to the materials & recordings.” and I would then send a URL to a prior Webex recording and a PDF file to the attendee.

Recently I rolled out webinar management system to build the infrastructure for another exciting project (more about that in a week or so) and one of the nice side effects is that you get access to past materials (automatically, without the need to ask me) right after the registration: half an hour after placing the order with Eventbrite, you can access the webinar materials and view Webex recordings of all past sessions.

The webinar management system has also solved another interesting problem: I’ve always promised attendees of past sessions unlimited access to new recordings and materials ... but yet again they had to ask or I had to send them URLs to the new additions. All this is gone: whenever you log in, you’ll see the latest versions of materials and recordings for all the webinars you’ve ever registered for.


  1. Hi Ivan, This is a great feature--much appreciated! I've enjoyed your seminars and it's helpful for me to have access to them whenever I need it. Cheers, Eric
  2. I feel like a total idiot asking this, but, where do I need to log in to gain access to your new webinar management system?

    I attended the DMVPN Crazy and Advanced Scenarios on 7/7/2010 and was hoping to gain access to the new content you've added around EIGRP and BGP for today's revised webinar (11/3/2010). Thanks!
  3. Oh, if there's an idiot somewhere around here, it's me. E-mail going out first thing tomorrow morning.
  4. Are there captions or subtitles so I can follow the webinar?
  5. No. Great idea, but unfortunately the sales volume is way too low to justify that investment.

    Would you know someone who could do subtitling as a service?
  6. Suggest hiring a mechanical turk over at Amazon to do the subtitling/timecoding work for you? If they can make SRT (subrip format) subtitles, there are ways to include it in the video.
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