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New topics added to the Data Center webinar

I’ve added several new topics to the Data Center 3.0 for Networking Engineers webinar (register here or buy a recording), making it a 100+ slides behemoth:

  • Anycast in the load-balancing section (which also covers DNS-based load balancing, dedicated load balancers, Microsoft NLB and application-specific solutions).
  • More details on multi-chassis link aggregation and VSS/vPC architecture in the LAN reference architecture section (other topics in the same section: port extenders and large-scale bridging, including TRILL, 802.1aq and FabricPath).
  • Multihop FCoE and FIP snooping in the storage protocols section (other protocols described in this section: SCSI, FC, FCoE, iSCSI and DCB).

As always, the attendees of the previous Data Center webinars will get access to the new recording and the new PDF materials.


  1. Hi Ivan,

    can you also tell us something about the following one day:
    FAT (Flow aware transport) and A-VPLS?
    FAT in combination with MC-LAG?
    LISP routing in combination with VMOTION in the datacenter?


  2. Hi Ivan,
    I am wondering if it would be possible to access a recorded version of your webinar? The reason for this question is because we do not allow Webex here.

    Thanks in advance,
  3. Coming ... LISP in combination with vMotion first.
  4. Of course that would be possible, but the recording is still streamed from Webex server, so the requirements are not much different from the live Webex session.
  5. Thanks Ivan, appreciate the prompt response. It would not be an issue to stream it at home for me but I cannot do so at work. Hence the question since the live session is during EST business hours.

    The second question is how would I pay for access to the recorded version? Would I simply sign up for the Datacenter webinar scheduled for tomorrow and then have the details for the recorded version e-mailed to me (similar to the Internetwork Expert model) ?

    Thanks again,
  6. Simply sign up for the next session (November 18th), when you get the registration e-mail reply to it and tell me who you are ;) We'll figure out the rest.
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