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DMVPN webinar: From B to S

Short summary: The DMVPN webinar (register here) now includes detailed EIGRP and BGP configurations guidelines and sample configurations as well as in-depth description of Phase 2 / Phase 3 behavior and scalability guidelines. I also made sure you don’t need any prior DMVPN knowledge.

Tangential thought: B stands for Basics, S for Scalability. Any other interpretation is strictly prohibited.

And here’s the long story ...

As I was designing the DMVPN webinar more than half a year ago, I wanted to focus on interesting concepts, as I assumed baseline DMVPN technology was well understood and widely known. It turned out that’s not the case and most of the students really appreciated step-by-step journey from hub-and-spoke Phase 1 DMVPN to scalable Phase 3 DMVPN ... it seems that simply due to my obsession with the big picture approach I’ve created something that can give an engineer fluent in IP routing and familiar with IPSec basics in-depth understanding of DMVPN. There were just a few missing bits-and-pieces.

To make sure I’m covering all the angles, I’m adding EIGRP- and BGP-related material to the webinar (so far, all the examples were based on OSPF). I will also add a few troubleshooting tips (including some of the hard-learned lessons from the DMVPN workshop I did in early October), in-depth explanation of how Phase 2 shortcuts work and more explicit scalability guidelines.

With the addition of all this new material, something obviously had to go. I decided to remove the encryption offload section; it will still be available as a separate PDF document and you’ll be able to watch older recordings, but it will no longer be a part of the online webinar.

Last but definitely not least: past attendees of the DMVPN webinars will get access to the new material automatically. You’ll get a notification e-mail a few days after the November session.

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