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Choose the Optimal VPN Service (2010-07-07) survey results

Summer is definitely over; it’s high time to process the overdue paperwork. Here are the results of the July Choose the Optimal VPN Service webinar (register for the next session):

Overall, I was satisfied with this web session 5,00
This session was a worthwhile investment 4,85
Based on this experience, I would recommend this session to others Yes (100%)
Based on this experience, I would you attend another similar sessionYes (100%)
Considering other educational experiences, I would rate this session4,71
Instructor score (3 questions) 4,93
Course materials (5 questions) 4,76
Logistics (3 questions) 4,80

I was doing a bit better than usually; it’s very rare to get a 5.0 average on any question.

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